5 Graduate School Myths Exposed

5 Graduate School Myths Exposed

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5 Graduate School Myths Exposed

5 Graduate School Myths Exposed

Attending graduate school can be a big decision, especially for those who have been out of school in the workforce for a while or those who have been busy raising a family. In recent years, graduate schools have been discouraged by many for various reasons, albeit unfounded. Here are five graduate school myths and the real facts.

College is Only for Young People

According to recent statistics U.S. News & World Report, the majority of the students in college are in their 30s. You’re never too old to get an education. In fact, many colleges prefer students who have both work and life experiences to bring to the classroom. Online, weekend and evening programs make it even easier to earn your graduate degree.

It’s Too Expensive

While college is expensive, there are many ways you can get help for graduate school.

• Employer-sponsored programs
• Scholarships
• Grants
• Financial aid
• Working at the school you attend

The nice thing about scholarships, grants and financial aid is that, while college tuition has increased, the amounts you get for college is also increasing.

You Must Go to a Top-Ranked School

What you get out of graduate school depends more on you and your dedication than on how the school is ranked. The main reason why most students pursue a graduate school education is to advance their education and qualify them for the best career opportunities. The fact that you attended and completed a graduate program will matter more to your employer than where you attended.

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Graduate Schools Require Quitting Your Job and Full-time Attendance

This might have been the case at one time, but is no longer the case since the inception of distance learning. Most career programs require some sort of practical experiences or internships. Since most of the practical experiences are completed at the baccalaureate levels, many graduate programs can be completed online. This is especially true with healthcare careers such as nursing or pharmd online programs. These programs allow you to continue working while earning your degree.

Undergraduate Grades Are Too Low

Colleges may look at what the students’ grades were, but they also look at many other things such as letters of recommendation, references, internships you’ve completed as well as work and life experiences. You can also say a lot in your college essay.

Hopefully, this article has dispelled any doubts or questions you may have had that were hindering your decision. Attending graduate school is not only very possible today but also a great idea for your career.


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