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6 Ways To Help Others With Your Law Degree

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6 Ways To Help Others With Your Law Degree

Despite popular perception, the legal profession is not exclusive domain of predators that pay runners large sums to chase ambulances all day. By contrast, many lawyers spend an entire career without going near a courtroom or setting foot inside a 100th- story downtown high-rise office.

The biggest secret under jealous guard of learned law practitioners is that zealous advocacy has many faces in diverse places outside mahogany doors of big law firms. Below are half a dozen ways to use your law degree to make big changes in positive directions.

• Alternative dispute resolution
A Juris Doctorate is ideal academic preparation for mediators and arbitrators who facilitate negotiation of heated debates to eliminate high cost and long waits of formal litigation that often moots legitimate disputes long before court dates arrive.

• Health administration
This is the most popular alternative career path for legal professionals. A lot of times, some people can become the victims of malpractice and need good help. A great place to start looking for this help is looking into the NOVA health law degrees that are offered.

• Academia
This author’s former Contracts law professor once said “’A’ students make good teachers, ‘B’ students make good judges and ‘C’ students make good money.” Despite superficial humor, that statement holds much truth. Many of the brightest legal minds in history have been found inside hallowed halls of elite institutions of higher learning.

Their primary duties are molding minds of future lawyers and prestigious law review publication as persuasive precedent in real-life court controversies. Invasion of privacy is a prime example of a once-obscure legal concept that is now nationwide precedent because of persuasive presentations by two prominent law school professors in a legal journal.

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• Journalism and writing
In typical fashion, astute attorneys with highly honed analytical skills have not have shown no hesitation to hop aboard today’s Information Highway known as the Internet. Besides law firm blogs and conspicuous advertisements, numerous lawyers with keen social consciences satisfy strong urges to serve society as website content and print writers.

Given virtually universal and almost no-cost access to Virtual Reality by nearly every member of the human race, fulfillment time has finally come for the famous timeless truism “knowledge is power.” Instantaneous mass distribution of valuable insights and data about emergent legal trends is now easier done than ever before as the latest form of laudable pro bono public service efforts by notable members of a noble profession. Moreover, many legal writers have carved out lucrative niches for themselves. John Grisham is a great example of such living legal literary legends.

• Public interest advocacy
Those with intense special personal interests often opt to become part of public interest organizations dedicated to lobbying on behalf of constituents on multiple legal forefronts. One exemplary exemplar is the American Civil Liberties Union.

• Development agencies
Private-sector development agency attorneys have a rare chance to help underserved communities as legal advisors to local governments in third-world countries. Such an important role plays a vital role in improving quality of life and protecting the general welfare.

The foregoing partial list provides ample illustrative evidence that many alternate paths exist to make lasting positive differences with a law degree.


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