Assessing Academic Preparedness with SSAT Tests

Assessing Academic Preparedness with SSAT Tests

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Assessing Academic Preparedness with SSAT Tests

Assessing Academic Preparedness with SSAT Tests

Being a middle or high school student involves getting ready for the next step of your school life, namely for college. It is never too early to start getting informed and prepared, but this often falls in the hands of the parents who try their best to stay informed. One of the most important steps when it comes to preparing for college admissions is the standardized tests, like the SAT tests, SSAT test or the ASAT test. The SSAT test, for instance, stands for Secondary Schools Admission Test, a standardized aptitude test for children whose parents plan to enroll them in private schools. The abilities tested are in mathematics, reading comprehension and language abilities, and the test, according to its level, can be taken by students in 5th-11th grade.

Admission criteria

Private schools not only in America, but also in the rest of the world, have made this test a prerequisite for admission, meaning that everyone who wants a shot at getting accepted had to take the test and preferably get a high score. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this test and your performance at it define you far from it. The SSAT test is the way in which the admission counselor or officer is able to assess the abilities of the applicants. The test has a 90% rate or reliability. This means that the scores at the SSAT test closely reflect their preparedness in the three areas of interest.

Norm references

Another particular thing about this type of test is the fact that they are norm-referenced tests. Norm referenced test interpret an individual examinee’s score by comparing it and relative to the distribution of scores inside a normative group. In the case of the SSAT tests, the norm group is made out of all the test-takers who are taking the test for the first time on the Standard Tuesday in Canada or in the United States over the past three years. Given that the test-takers are children who are motivated to make their way into a good public school, you can only imagine that the competition is fierce and that the comparison benchmark is a rather high score.

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Competition aspects

Competitiveness is at a higher level than other standardized tests, this being the reason why parents and teachers emphasize the importance of being well prepared and ready to get a good score. Private schools are notorious for being highly selective. At the end of the day, they have a reputation and a certain level of educational quality to maintain, so they are not prone to make any sort of compromise when it comes to the admittance process. Sure, the test is not the only thing that matters, extracurricular activities, interests, hobbies and the success of the interview are also important, but academic success probability, something all admittance councilors are interested in, is generally reflected in SSAT scores.

Those who are interested in enrolling their children in private schools or independent universities should know that passing the SSAT tests with flying colors is the first step towards accomplishing this goal.


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