Be The #1 Choice - 5 Ideas for Attracting Incoming Freshman to Your School

Be The #1 Choice – 5 Ideas for Attracting Incoming Freshman to Your School

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Be The #1 Choice - 5 Ideas for Attracting Incoming Freshman to Your School

Be The #1 Choice – 5 Ideas for Attracting Incoming Freshman to Your School

Whether you are seeking to admit only the best and the brightest students or you are hoping to admit as many students as possible to your programs, there are many ways to attract incoming freshman to your school. Here are five tried-and-true methods that are sure to attract students to your campus.

Develop a Strong Program

The best way to attract incoming students is to build strong programs with excellent reputations. When students think of their course of study, you want them to think of your school. If you build an excellent program, it will not be long until your students, online review sites and community business professionals are all raving about it.

Hold High School Assemblies

During the last couple years of high school, most students are very interested to know what college options they have and what it takes to get accepted. Consider hosting educational high school assemblies. Give students all the information they need to prepare for and succeed in the college of their choice while subtly promoting your school as well. Many high schools will jump at the chance for an organization to talk to their students in order to get them prepared as well as excited for college. Getting to students before application time will be key in making sure they are considering your school when they are seniors getting ready for college.

Use Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, everyone and their mother is using social media these days. You should be, too. Create and maintain accounts on all the major social media sites and get as many likes and shares as possible. When people like or share your content, their friends see it as well, and word about your school spreads quickly.

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Free Stuff Works

Everyone loves free stuff. You can give away custom t-shirts, promo pens and personalized mugs at college fairs and baseball games in order to get the school’s logo and name out there. These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every

time they are used by current and potential students, you gain marketing exposure. There have been some colleges in Seattle that use promotional products by in order to get the attention of prospective students by sending them items in the mail or giving them away at high school events. You could hold a contest where you give away branded iPads or tablets to incoming students in order to generate interest and connect with prospective students. You could even hold a contest for free tuition. The nicer the premium, the more student attention you will attract.

Host Summer Programs for High School Students

Instead of competing against all the four-year colleges in the United States, narrow your competition by hosting summer programs for high school students. This is something that not a lot of colleges do. Students eager to get a head start on their college educations can attend your school for the summer, and then stay for the rest of their college career.

There are hundreds of strategies for attracting incoming college freshman, which is good since each student is looking for something slightly different. Develop a plan that takes your school and the students you are hoping to attract into account and you will have a stack of applications come admission time.

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