Between Semesters: What To Do With All Your Stuff

Between Semesters: What To Do With All Your Stuff

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Between Semesters: What To Do With All Your Stuff

Between Semesters: What To Do With All Your Stuff

The semester is winding down and summer is fast approaching. All well and good, but there’s one problem. You need a place for all of the stuff that has accumulated in your dorm room throughout the year. You could lug it all home again, but why go through such a hassle? Think outside the box to find a solution.

Ask About Storage on Campus

You’ll be surprised to find that some colleges offer storage space. Inquire with student services to find out. If your college doesn’t offer such conveniences, approach the administration and ask about starting such a program. It’s a way for universities to make a little extra money off of their students and will make life easier for everyone.

Turn to Nearby Family or Friends for Temporary Storage

If you are fortunate, you might know someone who lives in the area and has some extra space. It is not like you are going to need a whole room. A corner in an attic or basement will suffice, sparing you the inconvenience of dragging everything home again. You can clear things out again come fall.

Hold a Campus Garage Sale

Band together with other students and hold a garage sale. You’ll find that the underclassmen might be your best customers. There’s more than one way to skin a cat when you are trying to whittle things down. Clear out items that aren’t essential and take less home.

Advertise Unneeded Items Online

The web is an excellent resource when you want to sell unnecessary items. Get rid of used textbooks and other extras by posting in the want ads or classifieds. You’ll even find that there are sites that specialize in buying back used textbooks. Social media has made it simple to spread the word.

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Donate Unwanted Belongings to Charity

If you have anything that you don’t need and you can’t sell it, you may find a non-profit organization that could use donations. Keep an open mind about finding a place for your stuff. Call area churches and shelters. You can also pay attention to any notice about needy families in the area and see if they are interested in any of your unneeded items.

Consider a Storage Unit in the Surrounding Area

Look into storage facilities as well. U-STOR, a Fishers storage unit suggests finding a company that is reputable and has taken security measures to protect its customers’ property, such as video surveillance and a locked enclosure. Choose a location that is close to campus and rest assured that your belongings will be waiting when you’re ready to return in the fall.

Packing up at the end of the semester doesn’t have to be a pain. With a little creative thinking, you can find satisfactory storage for your belongings and save yourself some work. Plan ahead and make life easier.


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