Corrupt Administration: Is There Still a Place for College Sports in America’s Universities?

Corrupt Administration: Is There Still a Place for College Sports in America’s Universities?

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Corrupt Administration: Is There Still a Place for College Sports in America’s Universities?

College sports are enjoyed by millions of fans each year. Their popularity makes universities millions of dollars and earns them a lasting reputation, but it has also caused several universities to take advantage of the system. While most universities and athletes are following the rules, there have been a select few that may ruin college sports for everyone. Do these corrupt administrations make the sport world unfit for universities?

Academic Scandals
College sports has seen its fair share of academic scandals in recent years, but the revelations by Rashad McCants may force the NCAA to finally makes some major changes. Rashad McCants was a star shooting guard on the basketball team at University of North Carolina from 2002-2005.
McCants recently revealed that he was allowed go through his entire college career without ever having to attend a class. The University of North Carolina had a system in place that allowed star athletes to take sham classes that only required one paper at the end of the term to determine a grade. In addition to not having to attend classes, McCants also said that other people wrote his papers so he would receive a good grade. McCants and several other players on the basketball team would not have had the proper grades to play on the North Carolina team without this assistance.

Other cases just like this have been coming to the forefront of sports news. Student athletes who pursue studies like an athletic administration masters degree or even professional athletics aren’t held up to the same standards. Changes will have to be made to make the academic setting a fair place for all students.

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Paying the Athletes
College athletes have never been able to make money off of their stardom while in college. But recently Reggie Bush and other players have been caught taking payments, which forced the NCAA to erase their stats from the record books. If the athletes at Northwestern have their say, then it will not be long before college players are paid for their services. The Northwestern football team has been granted the ability to form a union in hopes of getting a share of the profits from their services.

The Future
Since universities make so much money off of their sports teams, there is absolutely no way college sports will cease to exist in the future. The most likely option is that universities are going to be forced to pay the players on their profitable teams, while maintaining stricter academic standards.

The corrupt administrations running college sports have tarnished the reputation of universities delivering a free quality education to millions of student athletes. While the millions of college sports fans do not have to worry about losing their favorite game, there are most likely going to be some major changes to the system in the near future. Hopefully these scandals will reveal the flaws in the system and a fairer standard will come into place.


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