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Diverse Degrees in College that Won’t Limit your Employment Opportunities

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Diverse Degrees in College that Won’t Limit your Employment Opportunities

In the modern job market, college graduates are a dime-a-dozen. Therefore, it only seems to make sense that you want to get the most diverse degree possible. A degree that will qualify you to do more than one or two things is honestly your best bet when it comes to choosing your major. Diverse degrees will allow for a more variety in your studies as well as not limiting your job prospects upon graduation. Some of today’s best diverse degrees are listed below.

1. Engineering
Have you ever heard of an engineer who studied ‘general’ engineering? I didn’t think so. Engineers are one of those groups that have a specialty for just about everything, making it one of the most diverse career fields out there. However, the great thing about engineering is that a lot of it can overlap. For example, an electrical engineer can easily find work in an automotive engineering company. Any degree in engineering is a good investment.

2. Psychology
Yes, psychology is a popular career field, but that is because there are a lot of different options for psychology studies. Majors can include counseling, experimental, children and adolescent, gerontology, specific disorders, industrial, or educational psychology. With so many options to choose from, it is no wonder that there are plenty of people signing up for psychology degrees. However, someone with a degree in counseling psychology has just as much a chance of landing a job in a mental health ward and someone who specializes in a specific disorder. Psychology is also a great starting point for applying for most graduate programs. You can find out more about psychology by looking into USC online applied psychology programs.

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3. Business
This one is another great degree for someone looking to enter the corporate world. However, with all the business specialties out there, it might not be the corporate world you end up in. Business majors are also sought after in education and in the government sector. Not to mention, with all of the concentrations available in the area of business – finance, accounting, economics – it’s not surprise that the list of job opportunities is just as varied.

4. Public Health
This is a lesser known degree field, but that isn’t because the options for a career are few. Individuals with a degree in public health are well-suited for jobs in government funded facilities like public health departments. They can also work for agencies like the Food and Drug Administration or the United States Department of Agriculture. They can work in hospitals or schools or even private companies. This degree is one that can really work anywhere.

5. Biology
Biology is not the easiest degree to get, making graduates in the field more valuable to potential employers. Biologists are attractive to government agencies like the FDA and USDA. They are also useful in hospital laboratories and in private laboratories. Biology also has the option of allowing graduates to pursue higher degrees like medicine and physical therapy.


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