Don't Like Blood? Six Careers in Healthcare that Avoid the OR

Don’t Like Blood? Six Careers in Healthcare that Avoid the OR

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Don't Like Blood? Six Careers in Healthcare that Avoid the ORDon’t Like Blood? Six Careers in Healthcare that Avoid the OR

You’ve decided you want to establish a career in the health care industry but you hate the sight of blood. What to do? Well, there’s great news for you. Many of the jobs found in this industry don’t involve working with or around blood. Let’s go ahead and dive in and take a close look at six different career options in healthcare that avoid the operating room.

Medical Sales Recruiter

Are you persuasive? Are you a good sales person? If so, the position of a medical sales recruiter is ideal for you. Most times, you can find employment in this type of position through pharmaceutical companies. Your main responsibility would be to pick out other people who have a knack for making sales and recruiting them for your employer.


Do you want to be a doctor’s doctor? If so, consider becoming a radiologist. Without you, a doctor can’t can carry out his or her duties effectively. And best of all, you won’t have to deal with blood in this position. In 2012, radiologists made an average of $349,000.

Hospital Administrator

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be the boss of everyone working at a medical facility? If so, you need to realize that this position is one with great levels of responsibility, but to your advantage you won’t be seeing blood as you carry out your duties. To become a successful hospital administrator, you will greatly benefit from completing online health law programs.

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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians spend their time stocking pharmacy inventory, counting pills and filling prescriptions, answering phone calls and much more. In this line of work it becomes simple for you to determine whether or not you will enjoy becoming an actual pharmacist, which is where the big money is.


If you have the desire to help other people through their emotional and mental problems, becoming a psychologist is for you. To enter this line of work you will most likely need a doctoral degree; however, the good news is that once you establish yourself, earning upwards of $100,000 a year would not be surprising at all.


People who suffer from allergies often live an agonizing life. In fact, they often turn to the help of an allergist to help them cope with this health condition. Once again, you will need a doctoral degree to enter this profession, but on the bright side, you will find that you get to avoid blood and trauma.

If dealing with blood isn’t for you, you may have thought that the health care industry couldn’t offer you anything career-wise. If you are under the spell of this false impression, take comfort in knowing that you are wrong because there are many health care positions like these that don’t involve blood. Research alternative careers in healthcare today.

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