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Education Careers – Why Teaching Can Be So Rewarding

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Education Careers – Why Teaching Can Be So Rewarding

Teaching can be a difficult job, and no shortage of materials has been written on the subject. However, teaching can also be arguably, the single most important job on the planet. After all, one cannot be a doctor if they have not learned to read. Nor can a person become an engineer if they cannot handle numbers. They cannot become president, if they lack understanding of their historical time and place. It is a shame that our society treats teachers with such a lack of respect. For those downtrodden instructors, laboring under a burden of paperwork, angry parent phone calls, and impossible performance objectives, or for the wide-eyed new graduate carrying metaphors of being an intellectual gardener and what have you, here is why you should as they say, “keep calm and carry on.”

Teachers are Immortal
A truly great teacher inspires his students to question and learn far beyond the classroom. She opens new worlds and ideas that parents would not, or could not have explored. If that can be achieved, the teacher’s words or influence will live long after the teacher. An investment in a child’s life will carry that child through his or her life, and even touch the child’s posterity. In other industries, your impact last only as long as your product. A teacher’s product is a child’s mind.

Teachers are Always Learning
There is nothing more rewarding than reading Hemingway in the middle of a workday and not feeling a twinge of guilt. No matter how many times you go through the third grade, you always learn something new. At the high school and college levels, teachers are also required to live at cusp of the academic industry. For those inclined to be natural learners, a lifestyle of learning will keep your mind hungry and moving.

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Long Vacations
While the duration of seasonal breaks are constantly shrinking, most districts still do offer those long vacations, with pay. Europe anyone? This works well for anyone who is not sure they want to build a career in education. They would rather just try it. A one-year commitment is enough to get your feet wet.

Other Options
Too often when people think of teaching, their mind only allows one option—public school teacher. While the government default school is certainly the most visible option, it is hardly the only one. A career in teaching can be built overseas in an underdeveloped country. Or, you can have an exciting career as a private tutor. Private tutors can do anything from extra help in math, to touring with a traveling road show and providing a full course load to the children on the road. Some private tutors work with entertainment prodigies whose busy career schedules disallow traditional schooling. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever option you choose, teaching is, and always will be, shaping the future. As your students of yesterday become the leaders of today, your investment will be on display for the world to see. And they will remember. How is that for a ROI?

Tricia is a mom and a blogger from Beverly Hills. She recommends looking into UC masters in education online programs if you’re serious about getting into education.


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