Educational Pioneers – 5 Majors for Those Who Want to Work in Expanding Industries

Educational Pioneers – 5 Majors for Those Who Want to Work in Expanding Industries

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Educational Pioneers – 5 Majors for Those Who Want to Work in Expanding Industries

Educational Pioneers – 5 Majors for Those Who Want to Work in Expanding Industries

If you want the assurance of a good job after graduation, don’t major in a competitive field with limited jobs available—pick a major that correlates with jobs that are in high demand. There are many occupations that are just starting to gain popularity due to expanding industries that have grown as a result of new technology or arising needs. If you are looking for the best college majors to help ensure that you land a job in one of the fastest growing industries, consider the following top five career fields.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Industrial-organizational psychology is the study of how people behave in the workplace. Industrial-organizational psychologists would, for example, help match workers up to their most effective job roles. They would also examine ways to make employees more efficient on the job. Psychology qualifications and skills are becoming more valuable in the business world because business owners and executives have realized that understanding the behavior of their customers and employees will help them run their business more effectively. Jobs in this field are expected to grow by 53 percent by 2022.

Physicians’ Assistant

Physician assistants, also known as PAs, practice medicine and can treat minor illnesses or injuries, and even deliver some therapeutic procedures. They must be supervised by a licensed physician or surgeon and must also be licensed themselves. Physician assistants are one of the newest careers in the medical field and can expect growth of 38.4 percent by 2022.

IT Security Analyst

With all the threats to computer systems through hacking and industrial espionage, college graduates with degrees in IT security will be in high demand. IT security analysts are responsible for ensuring that an organization’s information systems are not vulnerable to attacks from viruses and corporate spies. A thorough knowledge of the workings of computer systems is essential for this career field, which is expected to grow by 37 percent by 2022.

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Career opportunities in gerontology will only grow in the coming years, due to the high percentage of elderly persons who are living longer due to advancing healthcare in developed nations. The job fields available for college graduates with a major related to aging, or who master in gerontology have very diverse opportunities because they are needed in almost any area or field that involves elderly services and assisting or caring for this age group. As this age group reach an elderly state, there will be a great need for products, services, personal care, and assistance to fulfill the needs of the demographic. Careers in this field are expected to grow by 21 percent by 2022.


Right now, accountants have the highest level of job placement after graduation, and this high demand is only expected to continue over the next decade. As an accountant, you have many choices when it comes to career options—you can be a personal accountant, an accountant for a small business, or even a huge corporation. Corporate accountants are responsible for maintaining all financial records for a company or other organization. For example, they keep track of income versus expenses and prepare end-of-month and end-of-year financial reports. Good concentration and attention to detail are a must for entering this profession, which should see growth around 14 percent through 2022.

If you want to put your hard-earned-degree to good use right away, majoring in one of these areas will allow you to enter an expanding industry with plenty of opportunities for growth. You have the chance to be a part of industries who need pioneers that will usher in a new age of work for that field—this is an exciting time to be a student on the precipice of graduation! If you have an interest or skills in any of these areas, you would do well to further your education and enter one of these exciting fields as soon as you can.

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