Five Jobs that Will Pay you to See the World

Five Jobs that Will Pay you to See the World

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Five Jobs that Will Pay you to See the World

Five Jobs that Will Pay you to See the World

Being well traveled is of vital importance for those who wish to have a complete personal education. Traveling across the globe is one of the only ways to quench the thirst for adventure that many people possess. Unfortunately, traveling is often very expensive and is a seemingly unattainable luxury for those of us who do not have an expendable income and free time. For those who wish to travel but do not have the means to do so, there are several career paths which enable you to see the world while being paid to do so:


The military can offer individuals some excellent benefits, travel being one of the best. Military personnel often have the opportunity to be stationed abroad, where they can receive extensive foreign experience, usually residing where they are stationed for years at a time.

Traveling Nurse

Due to the ever-increasing demand for skilled nurses across the globe, nurses have the opportunity to work in different locations for weeks to months at a time. Traveling nurses typically work through an agency which will give them assignments and arrange for their travel and housing. Assignments are typically within the continental United States, though many agencies also offer long-term assignments overseas for interested nurses.

Foreign Service

Foreign Service employees are employed by their nation’s government to operate the government’s infrastructure in foreign countries. These civil servants support the United State’s diplomatic efforts in whatever country they are assigned. Foreign Service positions are competitive, reports a curriculum consultant for NU online degrees in diplomacy, so applicants with foreign experience, multilingual skills, and formal education in international relations or diplomacy are more likely to be selected for employment.

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English as a Second Language Teacher

English is often referred to as the “language of business”, due to its current use as a common tongue for international businesspeople. Because of this, English skills are highly valued by international companies and children across the world are being enrolled in English classes to give them an advantage when applying for jobs. These classes, usually managed by local schools, will hire native English speakers to come and teach English to both children and adults looking to learn a second language. These positions are excellent for those who want 1-2 years of a foreign experience, not just a short vacation overseas.

Field Service Technician

As more companies go global, the demand for field service technicians increases. International corporations need skilled, travel-ready technicians who can be assigned to maintain company assets and complete necessary tasks wherever the company has a presence. Often, not only are technicians being paid to travel, they are being paid extra for being willing to relocate and work abroad.

If you have the desire to travel and the skills to work in one of these positions, the opportunity is worth considering. Travel can be an extremely rewarding experience, allowing you to experience countless things you would not be able to otherwise, and being enabled to do so through your employment is, for most people, an excellent deal.


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