Good Grades: Do Incentives Work for a Teen's Performance in School?

Good Grades: Do Incentives Work for a Teen’s Performance in School?

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Good Grades: Do Incentives Work for a Teen's Performance in School?

Good Grades: Do Incentives Work for a Teen’s Performance in School?

Parents want their children to get the best grades that they possibly can while they are in school. Some students do a great job on their own, but others need to be motivated in different ways. What are some incentives that you can provide to your child to motivate them in school for the right reasons?

Offer Money

Nothing motivates children to do better in school than money. You could offer your child $10 for every A, $5 for every B, and a $1 for each grade that improves by one letter or better in a given marking period. This may provide incentive for failing students to improve to at least a C or students who are content to get a C, to strive for something more.

Buy Tickets to a Concert/Game Etc.

If your child is a sports fan, or a fan of a certain musical act, buying tickets to go see that team or musical act live could be what lights a fire under them. To sweeten the deal, you could book a limo or add in some other fancy item to add some more excitement to the event. When they have something to look forward to on the horizon, it can make the work they are already doing that much more worth it.

Provide Your Child With a Small Accessory

A small gift such as a phone case for students who get good grades could motivate those who like to be fashionable at all times. Small rewards such as new supplies and fashionable items can work well for parents who don’t have a lot of money, but want to make their children feel good about their accomplishments.

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Waive a Curfew or Bedtime for the Week

Most all kids hate to have to go to bed at a certain time, or leave a party early to meet curfew. If you want to give them a bit more freedom and independence as a reward consider offering to waive the bedtime or curfew for a few days. This is a great motivator for a student who doesn’t get enough time on their own.

Eliminate the Child’s Chores for an Entire Marking Period

No child likes to clean their room, or do the dishes after school. For those who get good grades, parents could eliminate those burdens for an entire marking period. The child will be glad they don’t have more work to do after a long day at school. If they have a big test or assignment coming up, you might also consider waiving chores until it’s finished to show you’re willing to help them achieve their school goals.

Not all children see the benefit to getting good grades other than it makes their parents happy. However, by offering a gift in exchange for good grades, it provides a tangible reason to strive for good marks in all of their classes and gives them an opportunity to work for their rewards.


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