5 Hot Careers That Are Hiring Now

Graduated And Looking For A Job? 5 Hot Careers That Are Hiring Now

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Graduated And Looking For A Job? 5 Hot Careers That Are Hiring Now

Over the past 10 years, the educational system in America has undergone a big change. Record numbers of high school students are turning to college to improve their future job prospects in an extremely competitive job market. As they are graduating in equally large numbers with record debt, they are finding it difficult to locate the right job opportunities. Here are 5 hot job career opportunities that might be ripe for the pickings.

Healthcare Information Technology
The healthcare industry is in the process of a major overhaul due in large part to the Affordable Care Act. As millions of previously uninsured citizens are flocking into the system, the pressure is building on hospitals, doctors and insurance providers to ramp up their technology in order to handle the onslaught. The positions most likely needed are Clinical IT Managers, Data Support Personnel, IT Analysts and Healthcare Programmers.

Professional Writers
Professional writing used to mean newspaper reporting or the writing of books and educational guides. However, those occupations have been disengaged due to the internet. The new Professional Writer is finding jobs writing copy for web-designers, providing articles for blogs, technical writing, and feature writing for websites like YAHOO News. These writers must have a broad base of knowledge from everything like sports to information regarding scientific topics, such as chemistry, custom polymer, and physics.

Spanish Speaking Translators/Interpreters
As the explosion of both legal and illegal immigrants to America continues, the need to acclimate them into our systems is becoming critical. This is especially true when it comes to the legal system and the healthcare system. There are over 30 million Spanish speaking people in this country and we must be able to provide translators and interpreters to assist these people in receiving the benefits and protections they may need.

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Graphic Designers
The mobile phone industry and social websites are under great pressure to provide more applications, games and interactive content. This requires an army of qualified graphic designers who can take an idea and make it come to life in the digital world.

Data Mining Engineers
As we recently learned with the NSA scandal, there is vast amounts of raw data out there that needs to be organized, protected and used in a logical manner. Data Mining Engineers are needed to facilitate this massive endeavor.

As the world continues to evolve due to technological advances, the creative mind will look for job opportunities in industries that are new and exciting.