How New Students Should Prepare for College Life

How New Students Should Prepare for College Life

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How New Students Should Prepare for College Life

The few months leading up to college can be exhilarating, and also nerve-wracking. But there are plenty of things that you can do during that time to get ready, and prepare for the differences in college life. Here are some of the best ways to get started.

Visit the Campus

Visiting the campus can help you become familiar with the places that will become your daily scenes. If you already know your way around campus when school starts, you’ll be that much ahead of everyone else. Your nerves won’t get in the way of you doing your best on your first days of classes, and you’ll have a general idea of where most of your classes may be located.

Research Activities

A big part of your college experience will be based around the activities you join. If you do some research ahead of time, you’ll know which activities and clubs you want to be a part of, and you’ll have a head start on preparing for auditions or prerequisites. Although many people wait and see which activities their friends join, you’ll be sure not to miss anything if you do your own research and find out the right clubs for you.

Meet Some Friends

If you live in the area near your school, it is likely many other new students live nearby. Look for meetings in your area where new students are getting to know each other. If there is no such meeting in your area, you can be the first one to suggest a get together. If you are a commuter, get to know other students who you may ride the bus with, or share carpools.

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Buy Your Supplies

You will need much more in college than you did in high school in terms of school and educational supplies. These may be a certain type of clothing that is particularly popular on campus, or a special calculator that makes life easier. If possible, ask an older student for advice on what to buy before arriving on campus.

Learn the School History

When you arrive on campus, it can really help to know the type of institution you will be staying in. There are always those moments where clueless freshmen make fools of themselves by not knowing enough about the school. You can side step these embarrassing events by learning about the history of the school, the school culture, and any slang that’s particular to your campus. If you are from out of state you may also want to check out some of the local places and hangouts, or even the restrictions you may have to follow in a new area. According to a Hampton DUI attorney, most college arrests happen when new students are unaware of laws or restrictions put into place on their campus.

It can be tempting to get bent out of shape about going to college. You want the next four years of your life to be perfect. But the final piece of advice is to relax. Everything will fall into place, and you will do better to get in some rest in the final moments before college.