Midlife Education: Best Degrees for Returning Students

Midlife Education: Best Degrees for Returning Students

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Midlife Education: Best Degrees for Returning Students

Midlife Education: Best Degrees for Returning Students

Many people want to return to a university as a mature adult after raising a family, or retiring from a job. With people living longer lives, it is possible for someone to have multiple careers in their lifetime. Anyone starting college midlife will want to choose a major that provides lucrative job offers in several geographic locations and that allows mobility for the other obligations of life.


Accountants are required at every type of business including retail establishments, medical facilities, and manufacturing plants. Anyone wanting to work in this occupation must attend college to receive a bachelor’s degree. This major is easy to study at an online university making it a perfect choice for someone raising children or working a job. Students study business, computers, and mathematics to learn how to complete financial documents for employers.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering encompasses a variety of fields including surveying, earth science and geophysics. Individuals in this profession are responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining structures such as skyscrapers, dams and bridges. Civil engineers work in several sectors including private companies and governmental agencies. Students enroll in courses to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry to complete a top civil engineering masters program.

Registered Nurse

There is a huge demand for registered nurses in hospitals, physician’s offices, and assisted living facilities. Mature adults have a lot to offer in this lucrative field because they often have an understanding of aging and many types of illness. Individuals wanting to spend only two years in college can earn an associate degree to become a registered nurse. After beginning a job, many individuals continue to study at an online university to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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Teaching positions are available at private and public schools all over the world. Older adults can choose to work with a variety of age groups including preschoolers, high school students, and adults. Anyone wanting to become a licensed teacher must attend a college to earn a bachelor’s degree in education. During the first two years of study, a student enrolls in generalized coursework before choosing a specialty area such as elementary, special education or middle school teaching.

Adults returning to college in midlife may have earned college credits many years ago. It is important to gather transcripts from previous coursework to see if it will transfer to a different university. Transferred credits often make it possible to reduce the time spent finishing or earning a new degree.


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