Online Degrees Worth Staying Home For

Online Degrees Worth Staying Home For

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Online Degrees Worth Staying Home For

Online Degrees Worth Staying Home For

Online education has really exploded in recent years. Earning your degree online offers you an alternative that is more flexible and often more affordable than traditional education. Even if you have a full time job, you can arrange your schedule so that it’s possible to access courses online. The following are some of the online degrees worth considering if you want to advance in your career.


The hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and more is consistently growing. Earning an online hospitality degree can prepare you for a career in many different sectors of this industry. You may have the opportunity to work for a hotel, casino, sports team or entertainment park. There are jobs that involve lots of interaction with the public and others that are more behind-the-scenes. Many online colleges now offer bachelor’s and graduate degrees in hospitality and health-related fields.

Applied Behavioral Analysis

This is a field that many people find interest in. An online applied behavior analysis certification program will prepare you to examine the ethical and legal standards of behavioral analysis. This a very rewarding area to study filled with opportunities to help many individuals. Earning this certificate can prepare you for a job working with either children or adults. There are positions in education, government, corporations and non-profit organizations, making this one of the most versatile online certification programs you can pursue.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is another field that is steadily growing and that produces jobs in any type of economy. An online degree in criminal justice can prepare you for a variety of jobs in law enforcement, research, data analysis and more. Police officer, corrections officer, forensic technician and probation officer are just a few of the possible careers you could pursue with this type of degree.

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Information Technology

If you have an interest in computers and technology, Information Technology is a field that can be both fascinating and lucrative. It’s also an appropriate degree to earn online, as everything you do will be done on computers. Some of the jobs that you could become qualified for with this degree include IT consultant, cloud architect, software engineer and web developer.

These are some of the best and most promising online degrees that are worth considering. When choosing a degree, you should consider your own interests and aptitudes as well as the job market. You should also choose an online degree program that provides flexible options and that is properly accredited. Online education can provide you with the convenience and flexibility that allows you to pursue a great career at your own pace.


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