Six Tricks Every Parent Needs to Know Before Sending Them off to College

Six Tricks Every Parent Needs to Know Before Sending Them off to College

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Six Tricks Every Parent Needs to Know Before Sending Them off to CollegeAfter 18-years of supporting your child, going to every soccer game, praising every good grade and punishing every silly mistake, its now time to send your child off to college. This time can be quite relieving for some parents, and quite horrific for others. Not only are you curious as to what your home will be like without a child leaving dirty socks and empty cereal boxes everywhere, but you are sure to be concerned about their well being while they are on their own for their first time. Here is a list of six tips that every parent should know before sending your child off to college.

Prepare For Classes

With all of the excitement of going off to college, some students may forget that they are there to get an education. With this in mind, students can often load their first year up with classes that are irrelevant to their future goals and what they want to do in their lives. A strong first year of college can have extremely rewarding benefits over the next three years. On the other hand, stumbling and not getting off to a great start can leave your child trying to keep up for the remainder of college. When getting ready for courses, be sure to help your student pick out classes that are suitable for them. Not only will it help them out, but it also gives you one last chance to influence what they’ll be doing all year long.

Extracurricular Activities

In their youth, it was important to get your children involved in extracurricular activities to assure they didn’t get involved in things that may be detrimental to their future. This is even more important in college, as you have a variety of youths coming together with different backgrounds and reasons for being at college. Before sending your student off for college, take a look at options for clubs or sports for your student. Not only will they find something to take up their time outside of school, but they will also have great networking opportunities for their future.

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Prepare For The Dorms

Before letting your child live on their own, make sure they don’t spend all their money on video games and Cheetos. You can have one last parent-child shopping trip while you go and check off everything on your college dorm checklist. And when your child is out of school for the summer, make sure they know their options when it comes to storing things. Those in California can choose Irvine CA Self Storage for low rates and convenient storage units to store everything your student has.

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Financial Preparation

For possibly the first time while at college, children will need to learn to manage their money. If you have helped them pay for lunch or gas for their entire life, it may come as a shock to them when they run out of money in just a few weeks. Also, helping them figure out how to pay for college will be something they wont truly appreciate till after college, but it’s extremely important for them to do.

Be Safe

Sometimes it seems so obvious, that it isn’t always said. College can be a very fun time in your life. So fun, sometimes you throw caution to the wind and do things you don’t realize will have an effect on the rest of your life. Make sure your child knows that the decisions they make in college can be detrimental and have long lasting effects. By letting them know to be safe and be smart, you can save a lot of problems before they happen.

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Have Fun!

No matter how much you try and influence your child to do the right thing, the second you drive away in tears, they will be making new friends and having the time of their lives. So inform them to have fun and enjoy themselves. College only comes around one time (for most people), so soak it in while you can. If your child knows how much you want them to enjoy their time, they will appreciate your concern much more.

Well, it’s almost time to say goodbye. But before you pack your child’s bags into your car and send them on their way, be sure to talk about them with the hints on this page. A quick 10-minute talk can lead to a lot of positive benefits over 4 (or maybe 5) years. And though they may be excited to leave, they will appreciate all that you do for them.


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