Study Smart - 4 Simple Tips to Get Straight A's

Study Smart – 4 Simple Tips to Get Straight A’s

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Study Smart – 4 Simple Tips to Get Straight A’s

Graduating with straight A’s not only speaks well of academic prowess, but also reveals the kind of dedication that all employers look for in potential employees. While maintaining that 4.0 GPA may seem intimidating, there are several practical steps that you can take that will bring the goal closer. Beside diligent and creative study, try incorporating the following tips to see straight A’s on your next transcript.

Absolutely No Cramming

This does not inherently mean no procrastination. Who has not taken the occasional afternoon to sip margaritas in the sun? What it means is that you schedule time every week to study for each class. It means that when midterms come up you only have to review – not hard core studying. And it means that finals week has you enjoying more margaritas and straight A’s instead of cramming and stressing.

Know Your Limits

When it comes time to choose classes, make sure that the load is manageable. Taking steps out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself are a healthy part of any academic experience, but in the end overloading yourself will leave you with a negative experience and less than straight A’s.

Create a Schedule

Continuing on the topic of schedules, it is beyond important to find options that fit your individual needs. Suppose you are a nursing student seeking an online master’s of nursing while working full time in the local nursing home. In that case, online schooling would have incredible benefits. Regardless of your situation, be open to options – whether those be traditional or non-traditional – that will allow you to reach your greatest potential and that 4.0 GPA.

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Refer to the Syllabus

This is the simplest of all simple steps, yet one that far too many students somehow overlook or undervalue. It is natural and human to miss a deadline or two, but one of the best ways to ensure an A is to do all of the work, and one of the best ways to do all of the work is to understand in advance what the course includes and make practical reminders for yourself of upcoming deadlines. It is really not that hard.

There are no shortcuts to achieving difficult goals,but certain steps will get you much closer than others. Try incorporating one or all four of these ideas into your routine next semester. You will be surprised and pleased by how well they work.


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