Summer Job Breakdown- How to Talk Up All Your Summer Jobs on a Resume

Summer Job Breakdown: How to Talk Up All Your Summer Jobs on a Resume

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Summer Job Breakdown- How to Talk Up All Your Summer Jobs on a Resume

Summer jobs are a great way to earn a little bit of money. However, more importantly, they are opportunities to learn lessons or skills that could be useful in your full-time job search and for your entire professional life. Here are a few relevant skills or lessons you can pull from your summer job experiences and play up to potential employers:


Food service is a great industry in which to gain organizational skills. If you work in the kitchen, you must make every item according to each specific customer’s specifications. Waiting tables requires that you manage multiple tables, remember the specifics of each customer’s order and make sure all your customers’ meal-related needs and wants are met, all while being courteous and friendly. Food delivery requires you to devise an optimal route to get to and from your destination, remember all the items that comprise the order and maintain a friendly demeanor with customers.


Make sure to mention and talk about all the leadership positions you have held. If, for example, you were head lifeguard at your community’s pool or a shift manager at an eatery or retail store, you have at least some experience managing and coordinating subordinates to achieve common goals. Being promoted to a leadership position also shows that your employer trusted you with these tasks, and that you had been successful in performing the tasks you now delegate to the employees for whom you are responsible. Highlight this experience as much as you possibly can, these are the types of promotions and experience that employers are looking for in young hires. They want to see that you can handle what they are going to throw at you and feel comfortable in those leadership situations.

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Long Beach Pest Control can be tedious, monotonous work. It requires that you maintain focus through the less exciting periods. As difficult as it is to break this to you, most of the full-time jobs for which you will be applying will not provide you with around-the-clock thrills. They will be, for lack of a better adjective, boring at least part of the time. Employers need to know that your mind will not wander during these lulls, and that you can still be a productive team member even when your job may not seem to be all that exciting.

Summer jobs are a great way to earn some money. More importantly, though, they teach you skills that will be valuable in your full-time job search. Make sure to highlight these skills when you are speaking to potential employers at job fairs, in interviews and elsewhere. A job is a job and if you put the proper thought into the process you will see that you learned valuable lessons from these seemingly meaningless jobs. Make sure to contact your former employers for professional references, too. If you left on good terms they will be more than happy to provide them.


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