Super Students: Good Incentives for Your Fundraising This Year

Super Students: Good Incentives for Your Fundraising This Year

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Super Students: Good Incentives for Your Fundraising This Year

Super Students: Good Incentives for Your Fundraising This Year

Whether it’s a field trip, a special event, or new uniforms for a sports team, chances are good that your child will need to participate in a fundraising activity at some point during their educational career. There are always those tried-and-true methods of fundraising, such as selling wrapping paper, or packaged cookie dough, but what if your students want to try something a bit different? Here are three creative ideas for raising money this year.

Help Someone While Helping Yourself

What do handyman services cost in your area? If your students are in high school, encouraging them to hire themselves out as local window washers, lawn mowers and more can allow them to earn money for your cause on their own time. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, they can feel good about helping others and may learn some new skills, too. Charge roughly half of what an actual handyman would charge, and limit available services to activities that the kids can perform safely and well. For example, raking leaves, shoveling snow, helping to clean out a garage, painting window shutters, and weeding are all services that someone may not be able to afford to hire a contractor to handle.

Build Up a Loyalty Club

Help your students hone their communication and sales skills by splitting them into groups to approach business owners in your area. Have them ask managers and owners if they would like to offer a discount or a free product to those who purchase plastic card city cards with their business name or URL of their site advertised. If your students can find ten business owners to say yes, they can then have loyalty cards printed up with each name included. Now comes the fundraising part: Give each student a stack of cards, and encourage them to sell them to their neighbors and friends. It’s a win-win situation, because your organization will make money, the loyalty card purchasers will save money, and the business owners will gain some new clients.

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Host a Parents’ Night Out

Moms and Dads may find it difficult to find childcare for their younger kids, and may might miss out on opportunities to go out for an evening of fun. Have your students set up some fun activities, such as face-painting, carnival-style games, and board games, that might appeal to the younger set. Invite parents to sign up their kids for an evening of fun, where older kids and adults will engage their little ones. Charge a competitive rate and you’ll attract a crowd. Make sure you have the proper handling done so your students aren’t feeding children or anything that might be considered dangerous.

Coming up with good ideas for fundraising can be a challenge, but if you and your students put your heads together, you’re sure to come up with something fun and age-appropriate. Start off with these ideas, and see where your creativity and imaginations take you!


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