The Six Habits of Students Who Get Accepted to Top Schools

The Six Habits of Students Who Get Accepted to Top Schools

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The Six Habits of Students Who Get Accepted to Top Schools

The Six Habits of Students Who Get Accepted to Top Schools

It is true that a recipe to guarantee you acceptance into the nation’s top universities does not exist. There are, however, steps you can take and habits you can develop in order to become a sought-after candidate by your dream college. Exceptional grades, volunteer work within the community, great SAT scores, and participation in various extracurricular activities can help you on your journey to being accepted to a top school.

Making the Grades

Having exceptional grades is an important factor when trying to get accepted to a top school. Do not be under the misconception that you can wait until your junior or senior year of high school to start getting the best possible grades. You will need to have excellent grades throughout all four years of high school, or at the very least need to demonstrate vast improvement in your grades if they started out below average.

College Prep Coursework

Getting good grades is great, but the types of classes you take will determine if you are accepted to a top school or not. Challenge yourself by getting into the habit of taking rigorous classes while you are in high school—make sure you take college prep and advanced classes (when offered) during your Junior and Senior years of high school.

SAT Scores

A perfect SAT score will not guarantee your acceptance into a top university, but it is a great selling point. Scores above 730 for reading, 780 for math, and 740 for writing are usually needed to gain acceptance into a top school. To give yourself the best chance for a top score, consider hiring a tutor or enrolling in an SAT prep course. Students who take SAT prep courses score, on average, higher than those who do not. Take the SAT multiple times to ensure the best score you can get.

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Extracurricular activities are not only good for developing social skills—they are taken seriously by admission representatives at top schools around the country. Sports, debate teams, student government groups, and other activities within your school should be on your to-do list. You need to engage in these activities throughout your entire four years of high school to demonstrate the dedication and sincerity you have for your pursuits.


Giving back to your community is something valued by almost all good schools, which is why it looks great on your resume if you begin volunteering at a young age. You can check with your school and local organizations for volunteer opportunities within your community.

College Essays

Develop essays that are well thought out and well-written. You will need to edit your essay multiple times, ensuring it is free of errors and filler wording. You need to sell yourself to the university, which is why should use your essay to make yourself stand out from other applicants. Make sure you have credible letters of recommendation from individuals and organizations to legitimize your application.

These are some of the habits you should develop if you want to be accepted to the school of your dreams. Although there is no guarantee that following these steps will seal your acceptance letter, they could make your application stand out from those of other students who have applied to the same top schools.


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