Thinking About Law School: 6 Areas Of Law And Which Is Your Best Fit

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Thinking About Law School- 6 Areas Of Law And Which Is Your Best Fit

If you’re seriously considering going to law school, it’s important to decide how exactly you want to practice law so that you’ll be completely satisfied with the training you receive. Once you complete the core educational requirements for becoming a lawyer, you’ll have the option of taking specialized courses that will qualify you to assist clients with a variety of needs. These six areas of law may speak to your interests and help you to make a difference as a lawyer.

Business Law

If you’re a business lawyer, your primary responsibilities will be to help clients fulfill the legal requirements for being classified as a business. You’ll also be representing business owners in mergers and assisting clients in receiving patents for products or services. If your client has a dispute with one of its employees or with another corporation, your legal expertise will be needed to settle the dispute and protect the client. You’ll need to be very familiar with state and federal law when it comes to business in order to do your job effectively.

Civil Rights Law

As a civil rights lawyer, you’ll be called on to defend the rights of individuals and groups if these parties are discriminated against due to factors like race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. If a client comes to you and says that he/she was denied housing, education, employment or another basic human right due to no fault of his/her own, you’ll need to start preparing to defend the client in a civil rights case to determine whether the client experienced discrimination.

Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers must be well-versed in local and national laws to know which actions and practices are illegal. If you want to be a district attorney or prosecutor, it will be your job to sanction any behavior that is against the law. However, as a defense attorney, you’ll be representing clients in court who have been accused of performing acts that are illegal.

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Family Law

Handling legal matters between family members is your prime responsibility as a family lawyer. You’ll be in charge of managing adoption cases, as well as cases that promote child welfare. The property that belongs to individuals within a marriage is also properly distributed due to the help of a family lawyer. You’ll be qualified to handle divorce and child custody cases as well.

Labor Law

Labor lawyers work to ensure that matters between employers and their bosses are fair. For instance, if you live in California, becoming a Vallejo social security disability attorney will help you to defend the rights of those who have either not received their social security compensation or haven’t received the proper amount. It will be your job to represent union workers, and you’ll handle a number of worker’s compensation cases as well.

Real Estate Law

Clients who have acquired property, as well as those who manage real estate will need your assistance if you’re a real estate lawyer. You’ll be called on to review property contracts, and you’ll be qualified to protect the legal rights of those who own both residential and commercial buildings. Real estate lawyers are also qualified to settle landlord/tenant disputes.

It may be helpful to learn a little about several areas of law by visiting a practice or doing some independent study before you decide on your concentration. Talking to your admissions counselors about the areas of law that are most intriguing to you, and even taking a personality assessment can also help you decide which lawyer you want to be.

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