Thinking of Going to Law School? Five Specializations to Consider

Thinking of Going to Law School? Five Specializations to Consider

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Thinking of Going to Law School? Five Specializations to Consider

Thinking of Going to Law School? Five Specializations to Consider

As it becomes more and more difficult to find satisfying and well-paid work with just an undergraduate degree, pursuing a graduate degree is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many students. Going to graduate or professional school can provide an extra level of intellectual stimulation, along with the ability to pursue fulfilling and meaningful careers not otherwise available to those without a degree. One potential option, for those interested, is law school. A masters in law programs can allow you to give back to the community by solving complex problems, resolving disputes, fighting for others’ rights, or facilitating business transactions as a lawyer. In addition, a law degree can help you get involved with politics, finance, public interest advocacy, or conflict resolution.

If you’re considering going to law school, here are some specializations to consider:

Environmental Law

No matter where you stand on climate change or renewable energy, environmental law is a growing field as debates rage over regulations and increasing populations around the world spur more energy production. Increased awareness of environmental issues at both the personal and corporate level has resulted in many laws and policies shaping industry across the globe. In the next few years, transactions, litigation, and advocacy involving the environment will all continue to increase.

Intellectual Property

Some of the biggest cases in recent years have involved intellectual property, such as patents and copyrights. Multinational corporations such as Samsung, Apple, and Google have all established the value of intellectual property, with their multi-billion dollar disputes helping to define this area of law and determine the scope of ownership of intangible property. such as computer processes, software code, logos, images, and more.

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Labor Law

What do cheerleaders, unpaid interns, college athletes, and minimum wage workers have in common? All have been the subject of labor litigation in recent months. Labor law allows you to advocate for the rights of others and help prevent injustices against those who tend not to have the leverage to stand up for their own rights. Litigation in this area has been steadily increasing and that trend shows no signs of slowing, indicating there will be plenty of work in the field of labor for years to come, in both good and bad economic times.


Many developments as of late, such as more extreme weather and catastrophic storms as well as new services like peer-to-peer ride-sharing have prompted increased activity and unresolved issues in the insurance industry. Finding solutions to these challenging issues entails a lot of legal work, through dispute resolution in or out of the court as well as amending, introducing, or eliminating insurance industry regulations. Insurance claims tend to occur in up and down economies, making this a fairly secure field.

Family Law

Changing laws on the legal definitions of marriage, an increase in international adoptions, and rising divorce rates all make the area of family an active and important one. Getting involved in family law can help you advocate for the rights of children, help find solutions for difficult family situations, and accomplish many worthwhile tasks directly affecting your clients’ lives.


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