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Trade Schools – Why They’re a Great Option for You

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Trade Schools – Why They’re a Great Option for You

When it comes to higher education, more is better, right?

Not necessarily. Depending on what your educational goals are, you might find that a trade school is a better fit than a college or university. Trade schools are also known as vocational or technical schools. They train students for professions in fields such as the culinary arts, cosmetology, hospitality, health science, automotive repair, human services and manufacturing. There are several reasons why going to a trade school is a smart choice. Here are some of them:

Trade schools are a good idea for anyone who has decided on a career. Have you always wanted to be a police officer? Is your heart set on being a paralegal? Or maybe you want to take your talents to the agriculture world. Either way, trade schools, like Lamar Community College, offer programs that are tailored to specific careers. In consequence, these programs are more highly focused than many undergraduate courses at traditional universities where students might have to take classes that are irrelevant to their goals and interests.

Trade school courses require less time to complete than four-year university degree programs. Certification courses administered by trade schools typically last a few weeks or months. Some trade schools also offer two-year associate degree programs. A shorter curriculum means that you’ll be out of school and earning money more quickly in your chosen career.

Trade schools are less costly than traditional colleges and universities. If you’re worried about graduating from college with a mountain of debt, you should consider attending a trade school instead.

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Higher employment rate
Many college graduates with bachelor’s degrees experience difficulty finding employment. However, trade school graduates possess practical skills sought by employers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many of the fastest-growing careers are those which can be obtained with a trade school education. Plus, trade schools have job-placement services for graduates.

More cash money
Trade school training can lead to a high salary. For example, many trade schools offer dental hygienist training programs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists earned a median wage of $70,210 in 2012. Many other trade school careers also pay high salaries.

Trade schools can be a supportive environment for non-traditional students who are juggling work, family and other commitments. By providing evening and weekend programs, trade schools cater to these students’ needs.

If you want to gain practical skills for a specific career and don’t want to spend a lifetime or a fortune going to college, then trade school could be right for you.


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