Use Your Summers Wisely- 6 Reasons Everyone Should Do An Internship

Use Your Summers Wisely: 6 Reasons Everyone Should Do An Internship

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Use Your Summers Wisely- 6 Reasons Everyone Should Do An Internship

A summer internship goes a long way toward building your credibility in your chosen field, as well as exposing you to the reality of the work. It’s one of the best ways to insure that you’ll have an easier time getting a job after you complete your education.

1. Gain Valuable Experience

As a summer intern, you’ll be exposed to the realities of the job when you work as a summer intern. While your experiences in the academic environment will give you the knowledge you need in your chosen field, the reality and the theoretical may seem somewhat divergent. As an intern, you’ll feel pressure to perform, but the expectations the company has for you may not be as high as if you were a permanent member of their staff.

2. Build Your Professional Network

Networking is core to building your career, and the internship will introduce you to people who are in your chosen field. Employers don’t always go through a pubic job search for prospects and developing a network in the profession you’ve chosen is helpful in getting an inside track on future job opportunities. Staying in touch with the people you’ve worked with will keep their memories of working with you fresh, helping you in the future.

3. Confirm Your Commitment to the Field

Being an intern exposes you to the nuts and bolts of the business, providing you with a new perspective on your chosen field. You may find that you’d like to branch out in a different direction. It’s good to learn early-on if your experience doesn’t match your perceptions of the field so that you can make changes earlier rather than later.

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4. Strengthen Your Resume

Being able to list the internship on your resume will build your resume and give you a leg up on getting your resume noticed. Employers are often inundated with applicants, and only a few of them get read. Real life experience on your resume will improve your chances of your resume being considered.

5. Make Yourself More Marketable

Because the internship will expose you to different facets of your field, you’ll be more marketable than someone with only academic exposure to the field. The diversity you encounter makes you more marketable.

Say you want to go into law. Internships are the perfect opportunity to experience the different types of law and see what is the best fit for you. If you spend a summer working as legal medical assistance, you will better understand what that type of law calls for and if you want to direct your schooling that way.

6. Increase the Likelihood of a Higher Starting Salary

Prospective employers take experience seriously and often bump up starting salaries, since there’s a lower learning curve involved with recent graduates who have real-world experience. This will be a huge bonus to you once to enter into the job field. Any experience you have under your belt will help you stand out and be an obvious choice, not to mention how multiple internships will give you varied experience that will in turn make you eligible for more jobs.

Considering how tangibly these six reasons improve your career development, taking on an internship makes solid sense as part of your education.

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