Which cities deliver the best value in student accommodation?

Which cities deliver the best value in student accommodation?

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Which cities deliver the best value in student accommodation?

Which cities deliver the best value in student accommodation?

It can be an exciting time for you when you have just moved out of your parents’ home and are ready to settle into your new life in university. However, with all the costs of living in your own accommodation, as well as the money you will be needing for groceries, essentials and the quick student party, you will need to know which university offers the most value in their university accommodation. This list will guide you to the best places you can look into.


Voted in the top five for student accommodation over the last six years, Sheffield university is one of the cheapest areas for student accommodation, with some residences costing only around £315 in rent to stay in each month. Whether you want to live with friends or on your own, living in student accommodation in Sheffield can leave you in the hub of city with a plethora of restaurants, clubs and even in-house gyms (with Sport’s Sheffield) for you to choose from. As the majority of the city is very close together, it is also extremely easy to commute back and forward to university.


With properties tending to cost between £99 and £175 a week, with outliers being cheaper or more expensive, this city is ranked as one of the top three university cities in the UK and has a student population of nearly 90,000. It is perfect for those who want the city life and want to live centrally, or would prefer to move in to a quieter suburb of Didsbury with the help of a moving van, such as from the “Student Man and Van”. Each of these areas have their own selection of restaurants, clubs and even the opportunity to visit “The Curry Mile” for cheap (but delicious!) Indian Cuisine.

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This is a city that has become more popular in 2018, with students extremely interested in the cheap accommodation ranging from £100-£200 a week, and with access to the trendy “artsy” side of the city. With city centre locations, like Lower Ashley Road, offering trendy flats to live in with friends and access to local bars, clubs and the university itself, it is possible to experience the convenience of the world being at your door step.

Edge Hill

If you are looking for a quieter university campus, which boasts its facilities to take up around 160 acres of land, then some of the best student accommodation can be found at Edge Hill University in Lancashire. With enough room for 2,420 students in its campus accommodation, it even has 80 additional rooms to accommodate its mature students. Its accommodation costs between £3000-£4000 a year and offers a cheap price due to its sustainable construction, with its rooms using less energy and thusly needing less maintenance costs.


Warwick is the home of cheap prices but top-notch facilities, with some student housing only costing £72 a week to maintain. Not only that, but as the city is relatively small, most pubs and restaurants and cinemas offer cheap deals to students to entice them to come. It even boasts some of the cheapest kebab meals at £3.99, which means you can be well fed for the evening without even spending £5!